Killzone: Shadow Fall's Black Hand organization revealed

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Sep 05, 2013 11:05 AM EDT

Killzone: Shadow Fall is Guerrilla Games upcoming FPS that has already managed to garner massive popularity from fans and critics alike. With a number of features and in-game characters already revealed for the game, the team has now revealed more information related to The Black Hand in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The Black Hand, a wicked and threatening antagonist group, according to the official site, is just one of several groups threatening the stability of Vekta. Shadow Fall is the sixth installment in the entire Killzone series, and the fourth for home consoles.

Guerrilla explains: “In the Killzone: Shadow Fall universe, the Black Hand are an emerging threat from the Helghan Sector – a splinter faction of radicals and zealots. Fueled by their anger at the destruction of Helghan in Killzone 3, they’ve sworn revenge against the ‘hypocrites of Vekta’, who they believe preach peace and co-existence but practice violence and oppression.”

With vengeance as their main motive, the Black Hand is now attempting to force a return to all-out war, and this puts them at odds with the government of New Helghan, who seek to avoid another conflict that would inescapably end in mutually assured destruction.

“The Black Hand mostly recruit from disgruntled elements with the Helghan military – those furious that their leadership chose to shelter with the Vektans rather than obliterate them – and take refuge in the slums of New Helghan.”

“Unlike the Helghast army, the Black Hand are an irregular force, specializing in acts of violence and sabotage. They’re mainly equipped with makeshift gear and weapons – surplus from the Second Extrasolar War – but curiously also possess modern mil-spec gear such as top-of-the-line infiltration projectors. As Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan, the Black Hand are one more threat you’ll need to deal with to prevent the destabilization of the entire planet,” the developer adds.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is set 30 years after the events of Killzone 3 and introduces new weapons such as a hybrid sniper rifle/assault rifle, which was previously seen at both of the gameplay demos. Also there is the OWL, an advanced hovering attack drone used by the Shadow Marshals. It can be used as a zip line, shield the player, or hack terminals.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is arriving exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15.

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