'GOG Winter Sale' Starts Cheaper Prices for Classic Games & Free Downloadables Including Expansions & More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 04, 2016 07:05 AM EST

Christmas is just around the corner and numerous players are waiting for each sale this month. GOG, a distribution service group, will be bashing its way through Christmas gifts. Now, GOG has their own "GOG Winter Sale" that will be bringing down prices for PlayStation games and other games in different consoles such as Xbox One and more.

The discounted games would be slashed off half price from its original because of the holiday and season. Now, games such as Divinity: Original Sin is half off and other games may be free for download if players meet certain standards on the website.

What games are available and discounted?

The "GOG Winter Sale" will be giving away games that are in their library content. "Neverwinter Nights" will be free for download and players can get their hands on it without grabbing a hold on their credit cards and wallets. Aside from "Neverwinter Nights," Witcher 3 GOTY can be bought for half the price. Some players even got it for free as soon as they already have the console. So, players can have the GOTY version of Witcher 3.

In addition, GOG has an experience system. Whenever you buy something from the website, you earn experience, which you can use to unlock other games such as "Shadow Warriors." Again, the price will be discounted that makes you save huge amounts compared to purchasing the game firsthand.

Other offers that people might enjoy

"GOG Winter Sale" is not only limited to games and other trending ones but also the paid expansions of games such as indie classic games and "Firewatch." The games that are in the sale have superb quality and the same as the one that players buy from the direct websites and sources.

Now, GOG website will be an another trusted stop for gamers that want to save money for future expenses. Moreover, the GOG will provide trusted discounts that are fit for the budget of a gamer. The sales are still going on until today. According to PCGamesn, GOG home page is doing a 24-hour rotation so players and visitors of the website are advised to check it regularly for new deals.

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