‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Gen 2, Nearby Feature, Loading Bug Fix & More; Niantic Not Allowing Players to Complain

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Dec 02, 2016 10:24 AM EST

There are rumors that Niantic is going to release "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 on Dec. 7 though the leak has not come from an authentic source. A Starbucks employee apparently shared an invite that showed a possible partnership between Niantic and the café chain. The leak suggested a series of events by Niantic in the Starbucks outlets through which the Gen 2 Pokemon will be released.

Many "Pokemon GO" players had earlier complained about the lack of innovation and features in the game. Niantic has taken this seriously as "Pokemon GO," despite being at the top, is still losing players. Many got bored of the gameplay and wanted something new and fresh. This could be the reason why Niantic is now bombarding players with regular updates.

Niantic has done a good job by keeping the show running and both the "Pokemon GO" Halloween and Thanksgiving events have been massively successful. According to Pokemon GO Hub, Niantic is also considering a trading system in "Pokemon GO." It is definitely an instrumental feature of any Pokemon game. However, this feature will likely be released after more region exclusives and Gen 2 release.

The "Pokemon GO" Nearby feature will also expand to new territories in coming days and weeks. The feature will make its debut ahead of the rumored Christmas event and will increase the spawn rates of certain Pokemon. Moreover, Niantic is also developing a fix for a bug that is making it difficult for players to load the game. As a workaround, players may restart the app to keep playing.

Another "Pokemon GO" update has rewarded players with stardust and bonus XP for their first catch of the day. More Pokemon and items have also been released in the wild. However, the most exciting update was the introduction of Ditto that can take the form of different Pokemon and reveals itself only after the catch, writes Express.

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