More leaks: Yep, there's sex in Grand Theft Auto 5

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 13, 2013 11:25 AM EDT

I remember playing Grand Theft Auto III. At the time, I didn't pay much attention to the hype about the game, and rented it from Blockbuster on a whim. Like many others, I was blown away by the amount of freedom the game gave you. Sandbox style games have quickly taken over since then, but at the time, letting you do just about whatever you want, in whatever order was unprecedented. Along with murder and carjacking, that also included some of the other unsavory elements of urban life, such as picking up a lady of the evening.

Since GTA III, the amount of sex keeps ramping up with each new GTA release. Vice City added in strip clubs you could visit, San Andreas had women you could date and make your girlfriend. Up to this point, it was mostly tongue in cheek humor, nothing that politicians or worrisome parents could misconstrue as "damaging." Then someone went and found "Hot Coffee," and everything went to hell.

Later, you had the option of different "jobs" for hookers in GTA IV, and full frontal male nudity with the game's DLC. As the technology upped, so did the sex. I'm not saying it's good or bad, but the pattern is continuing.

Like we've seen before, and Rockstar's warned us about, leaks seem to keep happening in the GTA V boat. Instead of Vine, the latest leak comes courtesy of Instagram, from user Alex Edgett. While there's a few cinematics and gameplay videos here and there, what's really eye catching is - SPOILERS - an honest to God sex scene. There's no visible "parts" (not in that bit at least), but despite the GTA franchise's history with naughty bits, it still caught me off guard.

I won't embed it, but if you want to see the scene in question, you can do so here.

I'm an adult, and the content doesn't bug me. What does bother me is the possible backlash. "Hot Coffee" got San Andreas removed from store shelves (luckily it was well after the game had released), and had to be altered before being let back. Now that this guy has leaked that the game has this sort of stuff (the fact that he and his buddy are giggling like jackasses doesn't help anything either, why does it have to be guys like this that get a copy so early?), I can't help but be a bit worried some overprotective do-gooder will try to get the game pulled before I can get my greasy mitts on it.

In all honesty, with the game so close to release, I wasn't sure whether or not to write about this and further spread the knowledge, but the story is already everywhere, and it's news, so...

I can only pray this won't effect the game's release.

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