Apple Latest News & Updates: Drones To Be Ready Soon For Faster Map Updates; Aerial Vehicles Will Give Detailed Information of Directions

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Dec 03, 2016 08:25 AM EST

Apple has decided to deploy new technology in advancing its map services and catching Google's level. This is to make sure the technical amenities are made accessible to people in a better way. The company has planned to use drones to fulfill this purpose along with new indoor navigational features. 

Apple Drone vs Traditional Method of Update

The automatic aerial vehicles will help collect data from various sources to update the Maps app. According to reports, Apple will gather a group of robotics and experts for data collection. There are reports that have stated that Cupertino's robotics team and experts will use the drones to update information. The aerial vehicles will capture the details faster than the minivans that are filled with cameras and sensors.

In the current times, technological giants like Apple and Google have motor vehicles that are high-tech gear enabled and help in collecting map data. Navigant Research's senior research analyst Sam Abuelsamid said that using motor vehicles is quite an "expensive and time-consuming" process. "Doing it with drones provides the potential to gather the same kind of data in a much more cost-effective manner and do it more rapidly," he told Tech News World.

Apple Drones to Give More Detailed View of Directions

Apple intends towards detecting the changes on the roads, street signs and also seeing if the directions given have roads under construction, SF Gate stated. This way it will be able to offer detailed description of the directions being given on the maps and according provide an estimated time. Using drones will ensure faster updates than relying on other vehicular models stuffed with cameras to do the same.

The collected data related to the route details will be sent to the Apple team and, accordingly, the fresh information will be updated on the Maps app. Creative Strategies President Tim Bajarin said that the drones hep in covering "more territory" in less time. He added that using drones is the best way to "keep road data up to speed at all times."

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