'League of Legends': Huni Officially Joins SKT T1 as The Top Laner for Season 2017

By Ara , Updated Dec 03, 2016 01:34 PM EST

Huni has jumped to a lot of teams in "League of Legends" but this time he's signed up to the most top tier team in the world. With the drastic change in the roster, will it affect how the Season 2017 games for SKT T1?

We first heard of Huni as Fnatic's top laner, this was during the "League of Legends" Championship Series 2015. While Fnatic didn't do a stellar performance for the series, Huni made excellent plays thus earning the Rookie of the Year award for the Spring Split 2015. Moving forward, Huni then left Fnatic for Team Immortals. It was a big why to some individuals but there were a lot of hearsay's for the separation. Unfortunately, Immortals didn't make the cut for the LCS 2016 thus giving way for Huni to sign over to SKT T1 as a new member to the SKT T1 2017 roster.

SKT T1 has just been recently crowned as this year's "League of Legends" World Champions, the first team to maintain the spot. With a team such as this, who wouldn't want to be in a team that has been the world champions twice? Since Huni, or Heo Seung-hoon by his real name, has signed his contract with SKT T1; we'll be seeing more of him in the upcoming tournaments. While the change in roster might not affect SKT in particular seeing as Faker is still the chosen mid laner, it leaves the question of where the Bengi and Duke be seeded into? Surprisingly, there are already certain individuals who will be filling up the roles.

For the SKT T1 2017 Roster, Faker will still retain his dominance in mid lane while Bang has the role of the ADC. Wolf will still be the team's support for the next season. Adding in to the team will be Huni, as was mentioned, and Peanut, who had faced off SKT when he was ROX Tiger's jungler. There's surely a lot going on for Team SK Telecom. Stay tuned for more news and updates about "League of Legends." 

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