‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Big Splurge Could Start With The ‘12 Days Of Christmas’

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 04, 2016 02:17 AM EST

The Christmas season is finally here and now most are wondering what Niantic has planned for the holidays. Based on the Halloween and Thanksgiving events, “Pokemon Go” players are expecting something big soon.

To date, Niantic has not announced what they actually plan to do though most are expecting an influx of goodies and spawns. In fact, some folks over at Reddit have even used the “12 days of Christmas” as a light jab on what could happen.

Ranging from “Pidgeys” to “Cubones”, one only has to recall the lyrics of the “12 Days Of Christmas” and apply some creativity to associate it to “Pokemon Go”. Add as well some rare spawns to the mix and perhaps it all makes sense at some point.

Right now, that is the closest (and wildest) to expect for the Holiday season with nothing set. A “Pokemon Go” Christmas event is more than likely seeing how Niantic gained a lot of attention (and players) from “Halloween” and “Thanksgiving”.

Being the Christmas season, Niantic needs to come up with something dastardly good to keep “Pokemon Go” players happy. The intent is to continue their drive in bringing back active players who have gone astray.

But more to the freebies and goodies, most want to see the changes for the game itself. It all starts with the implementation of the improved ‘nearby tracking feature’ which has gone from San Francisco to the United Kingdom. Much of this was covered in a previous post.

Aside from that, all eyes are on “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 as well. Some are under the impression that Niantic will release the next version and show off the new features as well. It could happen as well this December though all that remains to be seen.

Either way, expect something from Niantic for “Pokemon Go” this Christmas season. Something is expected to take place – either another in-game event special or an entirely new version for the hit augmented reality game.

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