‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 69 Recap: Out of Control Arale-Chan vs. Goku! [SPOILERS]

By Maz T , Updated Dec 03, 2016 09:31 PM EST

The "Dr. Slump" and "Dragon Ball Super" crossover has happened in episode 69 and it showcases Arale and Goku's battle. The recap of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 69 shows the return of evil Mashirito and Arale-chan.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Recap - "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69

Pig announces the arrival of Arale in the new episode of "Dragon Ball Super" and the opening theme of "Dr. Slump" kicks in.

Meanwhile, Senbei is set to head to West City and Arale wants to come along but Senbei refuses. He is going for the World Invention Award that would celebrate the best inventor in the world. Mr. Satan has been roped in to be the presenter.

Bulma has come with Vegeta and Goku has been appointed as the part-time security guard, but he is bored. Senbei Norimaki of Penguin Village has been announced as the best inventor.

Senbei states that he has been called Dr. Slump, but he is a genius. He has invented machine that can make whatever he wants.

Mr. Satan uses the machine to create Mr. Satan merchandise. Meanwhile, Mashirito screams, "Rejected, rejected, rejected." He has objections with Senbei's win. Arale picks up Mashirito's rejected phrase. He has fed Arale and the Gatchans a medicine that will make them play 100 times more.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 69 shows Mr. Satan willing to play with Arale but it turns out to be a big mistake.

Mr. Satan assures the crowd that he will take care of the problem, but people run for cover. Vegeta steps in and asks Arale to play with him. But, she asks if he is strong enough.

Vegeta is surprised as Arale is too strong. He thinks she is a gag character.

Mr. Satan tells Goku that Arale is a puppet and an evil scientist is manipulating her. Goku is not ready to fight Arale as she is quite cute.

Vegeta reveals that she is a gag character and battle manga techniques are useless on her. Arale tells them that she is a robot and goes on to slice Earth in half.

After a headbutt from Arale, Goku is able to recognize her. Goku goes SS Blue and Arale launches a N-cha Cannon that Goku tackles with a Kamehameha.

Arale says that she will launch one which 100 times stronger and Goku is excited about it.

Satan thinks this is the end of the world but Bulma has an idea. She plans to call Whis and Beerus to take care of Arale. But, Beerus is sleeping.

Trunks suggest that they should use crap and Senbei agrees. Senbei uses his machine to make crap that will distract Arale.

Trunks, Satan and Trunks argue over who will get the crap and finally Trunks has to use a stick to get it. Mashirito feels that when loses interest in the crap, he will make sure it is the end.

Bulma urges the audience to think of tasty food. Finally, the machine makes a coffee ball. Beerus is able to sense the coffee ball and wakes up.

Whis and Beerus arrive super fast at the venue and Mashirito rejects Beerus. But, Beerus ends up destroying him. Whis remarks that Beerus can destroy anything.

Beerus is fond of the coffee ball. Elsewhere, Arale calls Beerus a giant cat and Goku warns her not to deal with Beerus.

When Beerus is all set to destroy Arale, he and Whis rush back due to digestive problems.

Everyone goes back home and Goku tells Arale that they would fight again in the future.

The episode concludes.

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