‘The Last Of Us Part II’ Confirmed: Naughty Dog Unveils Trailer At PlayStation Experience Event

By Adelaide Violet , Updated Dec 04, 2016 12:09 AM EST

The release of "The Last of Us Part II" is finally confirmed. Naughty Dog unveiled a trailer for the video game sequel during the PlayStation Experience event.

The "Last of Us Part II" trailer confirms that the game takes off after the cliffhanger in the first game. Ellie and Joel were last seen heading towards an abandoned house, after they escaped from the Fireflies. The sequel takes place several years later, where Ellie is now all grown up and Joel has gone old.

The "Last of Us Part II" trailer does not really show Joel's face, although there is no mistaking that familiar voice. The highlight in the trailer though is Ellie. It is clear from the lyrics in the song she sang that she has something sinister planned. From her quick conversation with Joel, viewers learned that she plans to kill every Firefly member.

Her vengeance and contempt against the group is understandable, given her experience with the Fireflies in the first game. The group had wanted to sacrifice her for the sake of medicine. Ellie holds the cure to the zombie plague. She is immune to the deadly virus and the Fireflies considered her as a precious commodity.

Likewise, the "Last of Us Part II" trailer confirmed that the game story follows Ellie as she goes after the Fireflies. Creative director Neil Druckmann confirmed that Ellie is the playable character in the sequel, during a panel discussion at the PlayStation Experience event.

"Joel was the star in the first, Ellie is the star in this one," Druckmann said as quoted by Kotaku.

Unfortunately, the game is reportedly still in the early stages of development. Naughty Dog has not revealed a release date. However, the "Last of Us Part II" trailer is confirmation enough that the sequel is a done deal. Fans of the game will once again experience an emotional and traumatic journey with Ellie and Joel in the sequel.

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