‘Street Fighter V’ Latest News & Update: Akuma Comes Out On December 20? Gameplay Trailer Unveils New Skills & Next DLC Characters

By LJ Joseph , Updated Dec 04, 2016 09:12 PM EST

New "Street Fighter V" is releasing Akuma and five new characters on December 20, 2016. The first gameplay trailer has also been released. "Street Fighter V" fans can also avail the new season pass for pre-order.

"Street Fighter V" Update: Akuma Comes Out on December 20

According to GameSpot, six characters will soon be available in "Street Fighter V." This includes Akuma that will come out on December 20. In the new "Street Fighter V," Akuma comes out with several transformations. He will still appear with his traditional dark blue GI. However, Akuma will have a longer hairstyle in the new "Street Fighter V."

"Street Fighter V" Update: Akuma Skills And Techniques Revealed

Capcom reports that Akuma in the new "Street Fighter V" comes out as a master of Ansatsuken. In the new "Street Fighter V," Akuma will possess devastating combos, destructive tools, and fast footwork. He will have additional skills such as the EX version of his dive kick. This move will begin with a somersault that gives damage to the enemies. He will also possess super moves such as Raging Demon and a version of the Misogi.

In "Street Fighter V," Akuma will possess two V-Skills, the Rakan and Dohatsu Shoten. The Rakan allows Akuma to strike a defensive stance, dodging an incoming attack and do upward kick or a palm strike. The Dohatsu Shoten allows Akuma to power up and cover his body with ki to enter the mode and make his Gohadokens become very powerful. It will allow Akuma to travel full-screen, unleash two Gohadokens in the air, and drive enemies to the ground with Goshoryuken.

According to US Gamer, Akuma will also possess two Critical Arts in the new "Street Fighter V." This includes Sekia Koretsuha and Shun Goku Satsu. The Sekia Koretsuha allows Akuma to channel a large amount of ki into his palm and drive it into the ground. This will allow him to strike the enemies with exploding pillar of ki. On the other hand, the Shun Goku Satsu allows Akuma to give a series of destructive strikes to the enemies in a short time. However, Shun Goku Satsu is only available in Dohatsu Shoten mode.

"Street Fighter V" Update: Get Season Pass For Preorder

"Street Fighter V" new season pass will also be available for preorder for only $29.99. This will allow the players to gain access to Akuma and the other five new characters. Players can also get "Street Fighter V" with new Holiday offers such as premium battle costumes and exclusive PlayStation 4 theme.

"Street Fighter V" Update: First Gameplay Trailer Released

"Street Fighter V" developers have also released its first gameplay trailer. It shows the overview of the second season pass and hints of the next DLC characters.

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