'Rainbow Six Siege' Latest News & Update: Year Two New Roadmaps Revealed; Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea Featured Next Season

By LJ Joseph , Updated Dec 02, 2016 02:58 AM EST

Ubisoft has revealed "Rainbow Six Siege" year two roadmaps and release date on 2017. Featured countries for the next season include Spain, Hong Kong, Poland and South Korea. Ubisoft will mark 2017 with eight brand new operators, four new free maps playable in PVP and PVE, new primary and secondary weapons, new features and a full year of pro league.

"Rainbow Six Siege" Update: Ubisoft Has Revealed Year Two Roadmaps

"Rainbow Six Siege" is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to Gamerant, Ubisoft has released four new roadmaps for the second season of "Rainbow Six Siege." Each roadmap corresponds to each of the countries featured next season.

Everybody who plays "Rainbow Six Siege" can access the year two roadmaps. However, only those who purchase year two pass can play as the operator during "Rainbow Six Siege" first week of release.

"Rainbow Six Siege" Update: Purchase Season Pass And Get Freebies

Year two pass will not only allow gamers to play as "Rainbow Six Siege" operator. It would also entitle them of 5% renowned boost, 10% discount in the in-game store, 600 R6 credits, and two extra daily challenges. Players with the season pass will also get some cosmetic items such as battle dress costumes and headgear. Buying the season pass before February 7, 2017, will also give the players with universal obsidian weapon skin.

"Rainbow Six Siege" Latest News: Featured Countries Next Season Revealed

According to Kotaku, four countries featured in the next season of "Rainbow Six Siege" in 2017 will be the setting of its new levels and eight new operators. These include Spain, Hong Kong, Poland and South Korea. Spain is scheduled in February 2017 followed by Hong Kong in May 2017 then Poland in August 2017. The next season of "Rainbow Six Siege" will finish off at South Korea in November 2017. Though this information has been already revealed, the schedule is still tentative.

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