GTA Online rumors suggest interesting possibilities

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 23, 2013 01:26 PM EDT

While most of us have been content to simply play Grand Theft Auto 5 since its release last week, dataminers are a different breed entirely, and have been looking more and more into that XML config file from a Xbox 360 version of GTA V that clued us onto supposed next-gen and PC versions of the game.

Looking through the code and working with readers and dedicated fans at the GTAforums, Cinemablend has cobbled together a list of new bits and pieces for the game's forthcoming online mode, set to debut on the first of October.

Given the source, it's important to point out, that first of all, none of this has been confirmed, so don't get your hopes up. If you want something legitimate, you can read about Game Informer's cover story on GTA Online here, but if you're not afraid of potential spoilers and rumors, then read on. Also, in black and white, the following are said to be PC exclusive features only. So don't blame me if you turn on GTA Online next week expecting to do any of what you read about below. That being said, let's dive right in:

- it's suggested that the amount of players has been upped from 16 to 32
- players can engage in several differnt game modes - free roam, free-for-all deathmatch, team-based deathmatch, races, Cops n' Crooks, and more
- players can create their own missions
- there's a feature called, "Battle Buddies", where you can call your friends in to back you up during a mission
a fairground script lets you go on rides, likely at the pier amusement park
- various supposed missions for the Cops n' Crooks mode:
     * multiple entries for military and prison activities, one of which includes having to snipe off an army guy at a military base
     * players acting as a cop will have certain missions where they'll be required to arrest select NPCs or other players.
     * a crook is assigned a task to assassinate another online player, and it's up to the cops to track him down and stop him.
     * crooks must steal and board another enemy boat, and eliminate all enemies before the cops arrive
     * another mission involves blowing up a strip club with a car bomb
     * an asynchronous mission where your cash can get stolen by other crooks if they crash your safe house
- cops have a meter which designates the sort of assignments they get - if a cop does too terrible on a series of missions they'll be relegated to lesser assignments (like fetch quests) until they redeem themselves
- cops can use the scanner to check license plates for stolen vehicles, and arrest players driving them
- cops get a locker room where they can change their police clothes, suggesting ranks for different outfits.
- cops will walk beats, which will likely tie-in to the prestige system 

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