'NES Classic Edition' Latest News & Update: Nintendo's New Console Is Not Out Of Stock, Everything That We Need To Know!

By Monica Rodriguez , Updated Dec 05, 2016 05:00 AM EST

The "NES Classic Edition" has been launched last month and since then has been hard to get a version of. It seems that more players are getting this new device from Nintendo.

Thrillist reports that with the rarity of the availability of "NES Classic Edition" at this time, Urban Outfitters is actually selling limited stocks of the device. In fact, a spokesperson from the company announced that the device is going to be available online and cannot be bought in the stores.

The announcement indicates that "NES Classic Edition" is to be available online through Urban Outfitters on December 6, 2016. There is no exact time indicated from the announcement. It is likely that the limited stocks available may be out of stock in just a few seconds.

According to a report in Polygon, the "NES Classic Edition" is priced at $59.98. It comes with 30 classic Nintendo games. These games are already pre-programmed and can be enjoyed once the item is purchased. The device is handy since it can fit on a palm and comes from Nintendo which is already credible in console gaming.

The "NES Classic Edition" has become a craze for gamers. Since the beginning of its launch, it has been sold-out in seconds. There are no stocks available on the shelves so it can only be ordered online. Toys R Us had a statement that they may sell the items in the store but still with limited stocks.

Meanwhile, Toys R Us has a big Christmas sale from December 4- December 10 which includes the "NES Classic Edition" according to a report in Digital Trends. This is good news for players and those who want the item. It seems that it is not totally out-of-stock after all.

The "NES Classic Edition" from Nintendo is similar to the console released in the 1980's by the company. This time the console is smaller and handy for gamers. It comes with HDMI connectivity and has a classic NES controller.

"NES Classic Edition" may be purchased through Toys R Us or online through Urban Outfitters.

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