Nintendo Switch: Retailer Confirm Incoming Stocks

Nintendo Switch: Retailer Confirm Incoming Stocks

It is a known fact that consumers are still having a hard time getting their hands on a Nintendo Switch ever since it launched back in March 2017.

by Michael Augustin

NES Classic Edition Buyer's Guide: Source Reveals Surprise Retailer Availability

NES Classic Edition Buyer's Guide: Source Reveals Surprise Retailer Availability

As the holiday weekend draws closer, more consumers are hunting for the hot-selling NES Classic Edition.

by Michael Augustin

UK retailers to continue selling Nintendo Mini NES.

Nintendo Mini NES Stock News & Update: Smyths, Argos, & Toys R' Us To Sell Mini NES in 2017 & ThinkGeek Lottery

Latest Nintendo Mini NES stock news and update suggest that the United Kingdom retailers Argos, Toys R' Us, and Smyths will continue selling Mini NES in 2017.

by Arah TJ

NES Classic Edition: Availability And Console Sales Numbers

NES Classic Edition: Restocks Now Available

Nintendo continues to battle the shortage of its NES Classic Edition among retailers, while ThinkGeek offers its inventory through a lottery.

by Michael Augustin

NES Classic Edition: Availability And Console Sales Numbers

NES Classic Edition: Where To Get One This Holiday Season

The NES Classic Edition has been consistently sold out ever since it launch, which has driven demand for the console this holiday season.

by Michael Augustin

RESTOCK ALERT - Nintendo NES Classic Edition: Where to get it

Nintendo NES Restock News & Update: Toys R Us Stocks Up On Hot Toys, Including Nintendo Classic, Hatchimals; Where To Buy

Fans of the Nintendo Classic Edition Mini NESwho were not able to avail on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 might still get the console at Toys R Us.

by V Doctor

Toys R Us

Toys R Us Post Christmas Sale Offers $100 Off Xbox One Systems And Discounts On All Next Gen Games

Christmas is almost here, so it's time we start looking beyond Christmas to the future. Toys R Us may have something you're interested in, should you end up receiving two of the same thing.

by Steve Buja

Lucario amiibo

Exclusive Pokemon Lucario amiibo Announced

The first exclusive amiibo figure has been announced, and it's none other than the Pokemon Lucario. He's returning as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. today but his amiibo won't be hitting until 2015.

by Alex Riviello

Toys R Us

Toys R Us Black Friday Video Game Deals Include Skylanders, PS4 And Xbox One Bundles; Buy One Game, Get Second At 40% Off

Toys R Us will be opening at 5 PM on Thanskgiving and they've made it worth your while.

by Steve Buja

The LEGO Movie Videogame

LEGO Games Could Go Prehistoric With LEGO Jurassic World In 2015

The LEGO video game series has had quite the successful history over the past nine years. Based on leaked information from internal Toys R Us memos, Jurassic World may be the next movie to get the brick video game treatment.

by Connor Sears

Skylanders Bumble Blast

If You Need To Round Out The Ol' Skylanders Collection, You'll Want To Hit Toys 'R' Us Tomorrow

For tomorrow only, there's a ton of Skylanders sales going on. Plus the last lightcore character will be available for Swap Force.

by Alex Wolfe

Skylanders Doom Stone

Get Ready For an All-Out Doom Stone 'Skylanders' Battle Royale Next Week

Toys'R'Us is teaming up with Activision to give away the final 'Swap Force' figure next week, and there'll probably be some parental bloodshed as a result.

by Alex Wolfe

Toys R Us

Here's What Toys R Us is Discounting for Black Friday

Hope you saved up your Geoffrey bucks.

by Luke Caulfield

PlayStation 4 or PS4

PS4 release will happen days after the Xbox One: Toys R Us

PS4 not releasing before Xbox One according to one retailer.

by Prarthito Maity

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