‘Death Stranding' Release Date, Update: Here's What We Learned From The 2 Trailers

By Alice T. , Updated Dec 05, 2016 05:10 AM EST

Hideo Kojima unveiled a new trailer for "Death Stranding" during the PlayStation Experience event over the weekend. The second trailer contains some similarities to the first one, although the theme in both clearly focuses on life and death.

Life and Death representation

A comparison between the two "Death Stranding" trailers shows its highlight on life and death. The image of the baby, which resembles life, is present in both trailers.

The first trailer showed Norman Reedus crying as he held a dead newborn child in his arms. Meanwhile, the second trailer showed Guillermo Del Toro carried a capsule holding a fetus inside. He kept the baby alive with a tube that resembles the umbilical cord. Obviously, these scenes represent life and death.

Death everywhere

The dead crabs are also dominant in both "Death Stranding" trailers. However, the second trailer amped up this theme with the revelation of the soldiers. The soldiers appeared dead and one even has a skeleton for his face. Mikkelsen himself appears to be dead in this game.

Mads Mikkelsen appears to be in control of his dead soldiers. They are bound to him by cords, which come out from his belly. This somehow mimics a mother's connection to her baby inside her womb through the umbilical cord.

The five soldiers vs. the five figures

Interestingly, Mikkelsen along with his four soldiers appeared at the end of the second "Death Stranding" trailer. The first trailer also ended with Norman Reedus looking up at the sky to see five figures hovering in the air. Perhaps the number five is a telling clue in the story of the game or it could just be pure coincidence.

The black ink

Another common element in both "Death Stranding" trailers is the black ink. They appeared everywhere; on Reedus' hands, on the ground and even on Mikkelsen's face. The ink clearly resembles death and destruction.

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