Lenovo Yoga Book Release Date, News & Update: Better Than MacBook Pro 2016, Microsoft Surface Book 2? Impressive Specs, Features, Price Revealed

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 05, 2016 07:06 AM EST

Lenovo, which acquired IBM's PC division in 2004 is the one that sells the most personal computers worldwide. But despite this leadership, Lenovo does not "sleep in the shade of the reality" and has been launching innovative computers in a segment that was accustomed to seeing more of the same. Lenovo Yoga Book is the latest example of Lenovo's ability to surprise the market.

Lenovo Yoga Book is not just a thinner laptop than some tablets. It is probably the first notebook that can work as an efficient notepad. A machine that will want to "have a way for drawing". It has the shape "shell", like a vulgar portable. But it is very thin and, thanks to Lenovo's exclusive hinges, which we already knew from other machines, resistant. But the most innovative feature is that on the "shell" side where a keyboard is usually a tactile panel, the screen is also tactile. This changes everything!


Just click on the pen icon of Lenovo Yoga Book so that the virtual keyboard is replaced with a touch panel. Then, using one of the pens provided, customers can draw freely on the panel and see the "dolls" reproduced on the screen. Although the reactivity is not instantaneous, the accuracy is high. In fact, we asked the opinion of professional illustrators, who were convinced by the performance.

People can also place a sheet of paper on the panel and draw directly with the second pen supplied. What is important for illustrators is that they are not just drawing virtually. And, of course, because the screen of Lenovo Yoga Book is tactile, you can also correct the sketch or paint directly on the screen.


If people have already typed a tablet, they are well aware that this is not the best solution in terms of ergonomics. This problem is repeated in part when using the virtual keyboard. That being said, after a few days of use, it begins to get used to it. However, Lenovo Yoga Book is not as comfortable as using a real keyboard.

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