Pillaging and Plundering in Los Santos - A robber's guide to knocking off mini-marts and gas stations in Grand Theft Auto 5

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Oct 02, 2013 08:38 AM EDT

Don't get me wrong, heists are great. When everything goes according to plan, the rewards can be truly plentiful. But in planning them out, hiring the help, and getting the proper materials, a fella could damn near starve long before the take ever gets split, and Lord knows daddy needs some new rims on his Bravado Banshee.

That damn BAWSAQ being such a difficult nut to crack, you'll need some bread to get you from Heist A to Heist B. For that, there's nothing's better than a good 'ol fashioned stickup.

As awesome as GTA V's open world of Los Santos is, you can't just walk into old store, point a gun at the help, and expect to watch out a few bills richer. As such, we've identified the "robbable" locations in the scenic city by the bay, so you don't have to waste time checking every last retail outfit in the city. There's also a map at the very bottom provided the location descriptions aren't accurate enough.

But the great thing? Not only is this guide applicable for Grand Theft Auto V's single player campaign, but it also works with the recently introduced Grand Theft Auto Online, where robberies are considerably more lucrative. Chris Phillips, owner of the GTA fansite TheGTAPlace.com, was one of a select few web masters invited to try out an early build of GTA Online, and later reported that robberies can net players approximately $3000 to $6000.

With that in mind, if your wallet and/or stock portfolio is a little light, best grab a vehicle, and rob the respectable shopkeepers blind on a misadventure up and down Los Santos. Just make sure you keep your fingers crossed your hunt for greenbacks doesn't end with a faceful of hot coffee and some stoner walking out of a bathroom saying "Way to go, Hamilton!"

Some stores have two registers, which makes robbing them a bit more difficult, but also provides a bigger plunder. We've provided those first. When tackling them, make sure you're packing enough ammo to deal with any hero types. That aside, here's that list:

* Senora Freeway Super Market, Mount Chiliad - This shop has two registers. When the first clerk is done bagging, shoot the second. Once the money's yours, get out quick. Luckily, this is a rural location, so you'll have a good head start on the local law enforcement.

* Limited LTD Gasoline, Grapeseed Main Street - another 2 register deal, same rules apply. A creek around the back will help with your getaway.

* 24/7 Supermarket on Senora Freeway - same as above, lather, rinse, repeat. The nearby desert offers a great hiding spot.

* 24/7 Supermarket on Route 68 in Harmony - Another two registers, but one of its clerks is the stubborn type. Intimidate him, grab the cash, and head for the desert.

* 24/7 Supermarket on Innocence Boulevard in Strawberry - Low pay from another double register, but the cops' slow response time make hitting it your call. The getaway is made easy by heading through alleys.

* 24/7 Supermarket on Barbareno Road in Chumash - Good payout, but another tough clerk of the two could pose a problem. Cops are quick to respond here. Head out the back and hit the beach.

* 24/7 Supermarket on Niland Avenue in Sandy Shores - 2 registers again, but you know the drill.

* 24/7 Supermarket, Ineseno Road in Banham Canyon - Same as above

* 24/7 Supermarket on Clinton Avenue in Downtown Vinewood - Two registers here and a lengthy cop response make this a sweet spot. With the cash in had, head out back and jump the north wall and hide out 'til the cops give up the chase.

* 24/7 Supermarket on the Palomino Freeway in the Tatavian Mountains - A notable dollar amount yields rapid response from the cops. Keep a vehicle nearby for when it's all over.

* Limited LTD Gasoline on E. Mirror Drive in Mirror Park - Consider taking to the bridge and over the flood canal for on the foot escapes.

* Limited LTD Gasoline on Lindsay Circus in Little Seoul - Deja two. Cops are again quick to respond, so make sure you have an escape vehicle.

* Limited LTD Gasoline, Tongva Drive in Banham Canyon - Another two register deal, you know the routine.

* Limited LTD Gasoline on Grove Street in Davis - Double register again yields a decent take. Hopping fences around the back of houses make the getaway simple.

* Rob's Liquor on Prosperity Street in Morningwood - one register makes for an easy robbery, but cops are very quick here. Keep a vehicle on the ready.

* Rob's Liquor on San Andreas Avenue near the Vespucci Canals - A vehicle combined with some alleyway travel make the getaway less difficult.

* Rob's Liquor on El Rancho Boulevard in Murrieta Heights - The river is the key to a getaway from robbing this store's solo register.

* Scoops Liquor Bar, Rt. 68 - Uno register here makes for easy pickings. Head for the hills (literally) behind the custom shop when you're done.

* Robs Liquor on the Great Ocean Highway in Banham Canyon - Cops hit this place fast and hard, and with a measely take, you should consider avoiding this spot.

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