'Final Fantasy XV' Cheats, Tips & Tricks; Surviving 'FFXV;' How To Earn Bonus XP & Use Infinite Sprints

By Karen de la Cruz , Updated Dec 06, 2016 11:30 AM EST

Now that gamers can finally get their hands on "Final Fantasy XV," they can say that it is indeed the most dynamic combat system the franchise has ever seen. It can be overwhelming when you first start, but here are some tricks gamers need to know to make the combat easier.

Extra XP For Faster Levelling Up

In "Final Fantasy XV," players earn experience points by finishing quests and felling beasts. However, the XP are not applied to your crew until you decide to have them sleep.

Unless you need to go out for some hunt quest, it is better to have the character stay in a campsite or in a hotel. Camping in the open world in "Final Fantasy XV" gives players the chance to taste the cooking of Ignis, which can provide stat boosts for the next day.

On the other hand, sleeping in hotels in "Final Fantasy XV" will give a boost to the accumulated XP as they are applied. Lestallum hotel, for example, provides a 1.5x boost to XP for only 500 gil per night. While Galdin Quay hotel provides a 2.0x boost but for a whopping 10,000 gil a night.

Infinite Stamina For Sprinting

Running in the open world requires players to hold the sprint button while moving as the stamina bar in "Final Fantasy XV" is limited and slowly drains as the character runs. Once Noctis' stamina is drained, he will begin to move very slowly as his stamina recharges.

Good thing, gamers can actually control the stamina meter in "Final Fantasy XV," an important element in the game so the character can move faster. As to how to control it, here's the deal:

First, players of "Final Fantasy XV" have to choose to display the stamina bar in the game's options menu. This gives them an idea of how much stamina Noctis has left. There is a better way than extending the stamina bar by jumping while sprinting.

There is actually a hidden way to unlock infinite stamina. The secret lies in the sprint button. "Final Fantasy XV" gamer need to press it until the stamina bar is about to be depleted. Once the gamer sees only a streak of the bar, let go of the button, press it once again a split second afterward. With this, the stamina bar will be filled up instantly.

There are still a lot more tips and tricks that gamers of "Final Fantasy XV" can benefit from. Do you have anything more to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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