Air Swimmers: Remote Control Balloons for the Child in You

By Florence Maxino , Updated Dec 06, 2016 12:41 AM EST

Just when you thought balloons coouldn't get any better. Here is a product where you can control the flight of your balloons with a use of a console. Air swimmers are modified balloons that give kids a chance to play around without really harming them.

Air Swimmers are balloons shaped like fishes, hence the name. The contraption that helps control them is attached to their tales and within the body of the blimp-like fish. With the remote control, you can control the way the fishes move about. Since the tail is where they get their movement, altering as a fan, it makes it look as if the fish is swimming.

As the Air Swimmers are already floating in mid-air, all the gadget does is use the air around it to maneuver the balloon. The fan/tail uses a left and right motion as if it were a real fish. The movement itself makes the balloons more life-like. The remote control merely moves it up and down and can even turn it around in a 360 degree circle.

However, since balloons are easily manipulated with strong wind power, these air swimmers should be played indoors to avoid the balloons from being blown away and being destroyed. You can still enjoy the joys of these remote control fishes but make sure you have ample space for it to move around as they are not small.

To compensate for their weight where the gadget connected to the remote control is located, the Air Swimmers are made HUGE. This is a whopping 57 inches which is far bigger than the regular-sized balloon. You can fill it up with helium (the ones which you use for party favors; which is inexpensive) and you can enjoy letting the floating fishes swim about.

The maintenance of the Air Swimmers is pretty easy. The remote control only has four AAA batteries and does not consume a lot of power. The materials of the balloons are made from ultra-durable nylon that can allow the fishes to move around without the owner fearing for its fragile nature. This means that children can play it and they won't burst easily.

The Air Swimmers commonly come in two options: a clownfish and a shark. There are other options coming out now but these two are a fan fave. Just imagine the fun that you'll have with these remote control balloons. Right now, it is available internationally and can be purchased online.

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