Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Wedding: Tom Cruise’s Ex, ‘Sleepless’ Actor Secretly Tied The Knot; ‘All We Had’ Actress Speaks Out About Relationship!

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 06, 2016 05:24 AM EST

News about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating isn't surprising. The pair had made the headlines in the past but despite it all, they haven't confirmed that they are exclusively dating. Recently, though, Tom Cruise's ex-wife has finally broken her silence about the rumors that have been circulating online.

Katie Holmes and "Sleepless" actor Jamie Foxx has been in the dating rumor mills for years but neither has made a public declaration. They were even rumored to have tied the knot secretly in front of close friends and relatives. But during a phone interview with the New York Times published on Dec. 2 talking about her directorial debut in "All We Had" (trailer below), the 37-year-old "Dawson's Creek" alum was asked about her relationship status and she has finally answered and laid those rumors to rest.

"So are you still single, or is there a secret marriage we have to talk about?" NYT's Kathryn Shattuck asked, to which Katie Holmes replied accompanied by a laugh, "Nooo, I'm not married. But thank you for asking." Fans were quick enough to point out that she didn't confirm about being single, which could only mean that she is, indeed, dating Jamie Foxx. However, this should remain a speculation as neither Katie Holmes nor Jamie Foxx confirmed publicly that they are in a relationship - and it seems to be staying that way, according to a new report.

A source for Hollywood Life allegedly shared that Katie Holmes isn't rushing into making her rumored relationship with Jamie Foxx official. The source added that Tom Cruise's ex wouldn't want to go through the same circus that she did when she was still with her ex-husband. According to the report, Katie Holmes also decided for it to be that way because she's learned that being more private makes her feel happier.

"She has vowed never to allow her life to be lived under the media spotlight again, and Jamie is very happy with the way things are too," the source told the publication. For now, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's relationship is subject to speculations. At least, all that the fans need to know is that she's in a happier state now.

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