'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: An Alternate Solution For The Nearby Tracker Released By Niantic For Player's In The Rural Area

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 06, 2016 11:02 AM EST

Niantic's release last month for the new tracking system on "Pokemon Go" for player in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe has received a lot complaint from the players in the rural areas. The fact that they are not able to fully use the tracking systems in the rural area because they lack an abundance of PokeStop, however Niantic has released a slight tweak to the problem.

"Trainers, there was an unintended bug which limited Pokémon from appearing in the recently expanded Nearby Pokémon feature." "Pokemon Go" said in their Facbook Account. "This primarily affected users in rural areas and has now been fixed. We will keep you updated on changes to this feature and as always we value your feedback," the "Pokemon Go" team continued which they posted last Friday.

Niantic has made a quick solution to the latest tracking system's problems for the inconvenience of the players in the rural area according to WWG. The tracking system of the "Pokemon Go" players who are not close to a Pokestop will now regress back to the previous Sighting trackers that will display Pokemon nearby.

The "Pokemon Go" players must be at least half a kilometer away from a PokeStop to enable the the previous tracking system to take place. It will now be a convenience for rural players who have driven miles and miles to get to another city to be able to use the latest tracking system.

The new tracking system of "Pokemon Go" features the use of a PokeStop to determine where a certain Pokemon will be located in nearby. The image of the Pokemon will appear along with the nearest Pokestop it is located where players can tap on the Pokemon's image to enlarge the image of the PokeStop on the map.

"Pokemon Go" players are encouraged to send their feedbacks and complaints to their official social media sites in order for Niantic to find solutions for the problems. GameNGuide will keep you updated for the latest "Pokemon Go" news.

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