'World Of Warcraft' Latest News & Update: 'WOW's' Biggest Server Nostarius Is Back

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 06, 2016 03:46 AM EST

Nostalrius will be back online. The world's largest vanilla "World of Warcraft" server is coming back.

On December 17, Nostalrius will be available to players online. The Elysium Project already released the trailer or machinima for the return of Nostalrius. They are using the same server code and database that Nostalrius used before it was shut down this year. The Elysium Project's stress tests also stretched 10,000 simultaneous players over the past weeks. Elysium also publicised that more information would be on the way later this week.

This Nostalrius restoration was prompted by Blizzard's initial eagerness for the project not yielding to immediate results. Blizzard announced prior to BlizzCon that they will not be discussing legacy servers which led some to consider it was not something that they want to prioritize. Given the blue lawyers already shut the project down once, we still do not know how long this one can survive.

On December 7, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas will conduct livestreamed Q&A. This is Blizzard's first chance for an official response about the Nostalrius issue. It is not the usual place for discussing these things, however. Obviously, the company will unlikely talk about legal concerns or release statements regarding legacy servers.

Nostalrius used to be the world's biggest private "World of Warcraft's" server. It is also a place where Warcraft fans could live life like it was the good old days of vanilla WoW. This was prior to all the updates, Legion demons and everything else that has taken place over the past decade. Unfortunately as well as illegally, Blizzard shut it down earlier in the year. After Nostalrius' closure, Blizzard met with the hosts of this large sub-community. In the meeting, everyone's hope was that vanilla servers will return in an official capacity. Over 300,000 players signed a petition asking for the servers to be continued.

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