PlayStation 4 News: Home Depot isn't and Has No Plans to Sell PS4

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Oct 11, 2013 01:39 PM EDT

It looks like a few sites were the victim of some high level trolling this week.

It all started from a solitary thread over at Reddit (where else?) where one of the commenters with a brilliant understanding of sarcasm stated that a photo of a PlayStation 4 demo kiosk was taken at Home Depot. Another "backed up" the claim, saying, "I have a friend who is an employee at Home Depot and I confirm this! He said they will be setting them up in Lawn & Garden in the coming week."

Now, of course, anyone can say damn near anything they like on the Internet, and it's hard to prove him, her, or it incorrect, especially when you get into the third party business like my friend, cousin, roommate and so on enters the mix.

No matter how much you could argue buying the PlayStation 4 does indeed qualify as "home improvement," it seems pretty damn irregular that a video game console is something that a retailer known for lumber, appliances, and general tool and repair products would stock. Granted, it would be a great way to avoid the rush at other mega stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and so on.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and that's the unfortunate case here. A short time on the phone with Home Depot and a return call later, a representative confirmed that the company has no plans to take up space normally reserved for topsoil and wheelbarrows with a next-gen system from Sony (or any system for that matter), no matter how good of a Plants vs Zombies reference they could then make. 

While the mega supplier does indeed sell Sony equipment (security and surveillance cameras mostly), them selling PlayStation 4 is an absolute falsehood.

Under the hood, the PS4 boasts Supercharged PC architecture, X86 CPU, Enhanced PC GPU, 8GB Unified Memory, Local HDD. It will support the same PlayStation Plus service as the Vita and PS3. However, a Plus subscription will be required for online multiplayer games, but not for additional media services like Netflix. Sony has also updated the Dual Shock controllers with a touch screen and improved shoulder triggers.

It's set to release on November 15 in North America and on November 29 in Europe for $399. Day one games available for the system include Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagBattlefield 4Call of Duty: Ghosts,Killzone Shadow Fall,Madden NFL 25MinecraftNBA 2K14Watch Dogs,Need for Speed: Rivals, and more. It will retail for $399, and not at Home Depot.

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