‘Final Fantasy XV’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Fishing Guide For Noctis; How To Fish Effectively & More Hacks! Features & Gameplay Details

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 06, 2016 05:29 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" protagonist Noctis proves to be a valuable member of a gamer's party because of his fishing skills. Not only will fishing let Noctis receive additional AP, but it also helps him provide food for the members and learn new recipes. A player should maximize on Noctis' fishing skill to receive and give benefits to the team and also as a way to take a break from the battles in the "Final Fantasy XV."

Basics of Fishing: How To Fish Successfully

The mini-map within the "Final Fantasy XV" mini-game will reveal the best fishing spots. To have Noctis effectively catch a fish, a player needs to lure the catch and once it already bit the hook, the player will need to play the mini-games and follow the prompts that will show up onscreen.

Catching a fish in "Final Fantasy XV" can be a bit tricky but if you follow the instructions on the screen, it will be successful. It's impossible to pay attention, making sure that the fish doesn't struggle too much that it would cause tension to the line, which could eventually break and let the fish escape or attack.

The First Fishing Spot In The World Of "Final Fantasy XV"

It's no secret that fishing spots are scattered all over the "Final Fantasy XV" world. However, the first easy one to locate should be the one that's memorable for all players. This spot is located at Galdin Quay, which is also the first main destination for players of the game. This fishing spot also provides fishing tutorials.

The Galdin Quay fishing spot in "Final Fantasy XV" can be found near a beach. Wait after Ignis is finished parking the car, then head on to the pier, where you will find steps that lead to the beach. Towards the beach, there should be a shack at the tip of the dock.

Fishing might sound boring but in "Final Fantasy XV," it should be a great way to kill time while getting more AP for your upgrades. For more cheats, tips and tricks, stay tuned to GamenGude.

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