'Final Fantasy 15’ Guide: Where To Find Monster Claws To Get Force Stealer

By Ara , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:00 AM EST

"Final Fantasy 15" offers a collection of powerful weapons and armors in the game that players can even upgrade to make it much stronger. These weapon and armors have their own specialty and upgrading it make it more effective particularly when fighting a boss. One of these weapons is the Force Stealer which players can get when they have Monster Claws.

Where to Find Monster Claws in "Final Fantasy 15"?

The fastest way to find a Monster Claw in the game is to go to the northeastern part of Hammerhead. Then in order to get a Monster Claw, players will have to be ready to kill a Bandersnatch but done in a specific way. Players must first hit the appendage and then break the claw to make sure a Monster Claw is dropped and for the player to pick up. If the player defeats it in any other way, the chances of finding a Monster Claw is not guaranteed and they will have to find another Bandersnatch to get Monster Claw to play "Final Fantasy 15."

Bandersnatch usually appears in level 38 so it recommended that players only start the hunt when their level is higher. If Bandersnatch is hard to find in the first location, they can also find it in Malmalam Thicket dungeon but still using the battle strategy to get the Monster Claw out of it in the challenges of "Final Fantasy 15."

How to Upgrade Force Stealer in the Game?

As soon as the player gets a piece of the Monster Claw, they're ready to get it upgraded to a Force Stealer. Just head to Cid and hand him the Claw to finally upgrade the weapon to the powerful Force Stealer.

This weapon is just one of the many powerful tools players can use in the game. All of the weapons in the game can be upgraded that will make it a much powerful tool when they give it to Cid in "Final Fantasy 15.

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