iOS 10 Jailbreak Latest News & Update: iOS 10.2 Sixth Beta Stage Further Sends Hackers Into Frenzy

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 06, 2016 05:53 AM EST

The sixth beta for iOS 10.2 was recently released for developers by Apple, further ramping up expectations on an iOS 10 jailbreak. The grapevine has been filled with expectations for a potential iOS 10 jailbreak though Pangu and the rest have remained mum.

What makes the sixth beta of iOS 10.2 relevant is the fact that the next Apple mobile operating system could very well be followed by an iOS 10 jailbreak. The word out is that Pangu already has a multi-functional Apple crack and that they are simply waiting for Apple to make its move.

If so, this would be the much-awaited iOS jailbreak since iOS 9.3.4. That was the last working iOS jailbreak most saw with no one coming up with a working crack for iOS 10.

iOS 10.2 beta 6 comes with several features for Apple devices. That includes new Unicode 9.0 emoji, three new wallpapers for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, a new TV app, more camera features and new message screen effects, 9 to 5 Mac reported.

Improved security was not mentioned though Apple is expected to insert improvements. iOS 10 hasn’t exactly panned up as far as safeguarding phones and their valuable data, security breaches of which were uncovered in previous months but thankfully not exploited.

As far as an iOS 10 jailbreak coming is concerned, it is anyone’s guess if Pangu or hackers will indeed deploy the crack in time for the Holidays. A lot of precedents have contributed to the absence of an iOS jailbreak, including Apple’s dish of dangling $100,000 to anyone who can reveal bugs on its iOS firmware as mentioned in a previous post.

Individual hackers have shown off via Twitter and YouTube iOS 10 jailbreaks but none have been made public. For that reason, all eyes are on Pangu or even TaiG this Yuletide season with regards to a potential iOS 10 jailbreak coming.

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