‘Archer’ Season 8 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Updates: Trailer Reveals Character Changes, Setting & Plot Next Installment! Predictions, Theories & More

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:21 PM EST

The wait for "Archer" Season 8 premiere date is almost over, which is expected to happen in a month's time. Understandably, interest in FX's animated action-comedy series is starting to pick up. While info about the upcoming season is scarce at the moment, some details have been revealed via an "Archer" Season 8 trailer which was revealed at the New York Comic-Con this year.

'Archer' Season 8 Trailer Reveals Archer Is Alive

One of the most pressing questions brought by season 7's finale is the fate of its lead character, Sterling Archer. Audiences were led to believe last season that Archer might have died, leading some to speculate what happens to the series now that its lead character has been killed off. Thankfully, the revealed "Archer" Season 8 trailer during the NYCC answers these concerns.

The "Archer" Season 8 trailer shown at the NYCC reveal an alive Sterling Archer, reports Indie Wire. However, he is still recuperating from his injuries brought by the tragic events he had to go through last season. In fact, it was shown that the lead character will be comatose with "Archer" Season 8 premiere date comes, a condition that would dictate the plot next season. Unfortunately though, other than the reveal at the NYCC, the trailer is not yet out to the public.

'Archer' Season 8 Plot - Dreamland To Be Explored

Fans can expect a lot of changes by the time "Archer" Season 8 premiere date arrives next year. The upcoming season's plot will veer away from the events of the previous season and will focus instead on what goes on inside Archer's head while he is still on a coma.

One of the major changes fans may expect with the arrival of the "Archer" Season 8 air date is the change of setting. Apparently, the entire season will be moving back in time as it will be set in the year 1947, which is also revealed to affect the roles of its characters as well.

'Archer' Season 8 Spoilers - Character To Have Different Roles

The new period setting will provide interesting takes on its characters as well. For instance, Archer will no longer be a spy but a private investigator when "Archer" Season 8 release date comes. He will be leading an investigation on the disappearance of his partner Woodhouse, who is actually his butler in his waking life, reports Movie Pilot.

Other characters will not escape the changes brought by new plot with the arrival of the "Archer" Season 8 air date. In fact, Archer will be meeting them all for the first time, in the season's plot that is. Rey will be a trumpeter, Lana a singer, Krieger a bartender while both Pam and Cyril are detectives in Season 8's Dreamland plot. Oh, Pam will have another change as well because Pam will be a man.

'Archer' Season 8 Air Date

"Archer" Season 8 release date is slated for January 2017. However, FX is yet to make an official announcement as far as the actual date is concerned. Be sure to follow GamenGuide for the latest news and updates on the animated spy action-comedy series.

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