'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 3 Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Did Frank Kill Wes?

By Miah Spencer , Updated Dec 06, 2016 01:06 PM EST

The winter finale of "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3 caught everyone by surprise. Viewers were shocked and saddened by the sudden turn of events.

Wes died which made many viewers upset. Everyone was not expecting for his death in How to Get Away with Murder season 3. He is the closest character to Annalise Keating but he still died.

GamenGuide earlier reported that this is probably a warning to all the any of the characters could die anytime except for the defense attorney in "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3. It was found that Wes did not die because of the fire.

He was already dead before Annalise's house exploded. For sure she will do everything to find out the killer in "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3. She considers Wes as her son and has always been willing to do everything for him.

Alfred Enoch's character was supposed to give evidence against Annalise, but he was not able to do so. Frank has many reasons to kill Wes so he could be the criminal.

He and Bonnie probably learned that he is planning to stab her in the back so they ended it before they all go to jail in "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3. Frank wants to be accepted by Annalise again.

Bonnie probably encouraged him to get rid of Wes so Annalise will no longer have to protect him over and over again. The enemies are unlikely to kill him since they can use them against Viola Davis' character in "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3.

Meanwhile, the remaining episodes of "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3 will still feature Alfred Enoch. His murder case is yet to be solved. In fact, he might still be featured next season.

Annalise will surely deal with his death for a long time. The questions about the unexpected twist are expected to be answered when "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3 returns. According to TVGuide, the ABC series will air episode 10 on January 19, 2017.

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