'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: New Tracking Feature Tested

By Caroline Soriano , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:50 AM EST

Just this year, Pokemon has sent players crazy while throwing Poke Balls using their smartphones. The Pokemon Go is a success while being on top for several weeks as the most downloaded iOS app . Apple has told TechCrunch that the app has made a record.

UK Pokemon Go Player? It's time to close the app

For months, UK Pokemon Go players are advised to check the most important updates for the upcoming months. The update is being rolled to several locations such as the US and Europe and this was confirmed by the Niantic Labs.

The confirmation was strengthened by the DigitalSpy as its team has already received updates about the app.  Four months ago, the new tracking feature has been put into test in San Francisco bay for several months. The test includes signaling the nearest Pokemon creatures to each location.

Playing With Ease

Unlike the previous version, players can roughly estimate the location of the creatures. It leads to a more convenient hunting compared to the "three steps" needed in the current Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon and the Pokestop are fixed thus needing less of the GPS function.  If you're still unconvinced about playing Pokemon Go, you might want to re-consider it again this time for some reasons.

First is that aside from the entertainment it offers, Pokemon Go promotes exercise. Imagine walking and even running just to chase a Pokemon creature? This app pushes you to move more than you've ever imagined. It also lets you meet new people with the same interest, thus building and strengthening your social network. Aside from new friends, playing Pokemon Go also brings you, your family and your friends together. 

Pokemon Go also moves you to new places you've never visited before. It's great way to unwind and discover places that you might enjoy. And finally, it's a great way to distress and remove yourself from the everyday hassles of life.


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