Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: Nintendo Hybrid Gaming Console Will Come Out With A USB-C Port; Gaming Console Releases Accessories & More

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 06, 2016 09:53 AM EST

Since the Japanese company released the Nintendo Switch, many got excited to learn of this new device Nintendo has created from the company's long list of gaming consoles. With that said, the company will reveal more specs and features for the upcoming Nintendo Switch in January and recent reports suggest that the hybrid gaming console will have more than anticipated.

Upcoming Features For The Nintendo Switch

According to reports, the Nintendo Switch will feature a USB-C port fast charger that lets the device charge 2x faster than normal. The fast charging cable for the Nintendo Switch is measured up to 10 feet, long enough to be plugged in the wall while consumers play the device on a home gaming system.

The feature was revealed on the listing of EB Games this week in Australia and somehow, My Nintendo News confirms that a fast charging feature will indeed be feature for the Nintendo Switch. However, the listing has been removed from the EB Game site as of now.

The second listing previously found in the EB Games was a Nintendo Switch case that looked like a mix between the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS case. The said Nintendo Switch case includes slots for storing games and a screen protector, given that the hybrid gaming console doesn't sport a clamshell design.

Meanwhile, the site also provides Nintendo Switch controllers with a placeholder price, but official information on the product's page is nowhere to be found. However, there is a small image of what the Nintendo Switch controllers will look like and it seems to be an upgraded version of the Nintendo Wii U controller.

This is big news considering that fact that some countries cannot access the accessory log from the EB Games website. Looking for Nintendo Switch related accessory listings can be hard to find or merely impossible to get to.

The aforementioned accessories for the Nintendo Switch is just a sample for the what's to come for the hybrid gaming console release in March 2017. Nintendo Switch will change the gaming industry forever with the gaming console's innovative feature that has both the feature of a handheld console and a home console in one device.

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