Hot Christmas Toys 2016 News & Update: Parents Worldwide Line Up For Hours, Get Into Fights For Nintendo NES, Hatchimals

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 06, 2016 12:59 PM EST

Toys R Us stores recently restocked the highly popular Nintendo NES and Hatchimals for those who were not able to avail of the hot Christmas toys during Black Friday 2016. However, parents around the world ended up queuing for several hours and fighting for the hot Christmas toys.

Hot Christmas Toys at Toys R Us and Target: Nintendo NES & Hatchimals

WKBW Buffalo reported that on Dec. 4, 2016, Toys R Us shops added about 12 to 30 Hatchimals and several Nintendo NES units. Parents lined up for the hot Christmas toys several hours in advance, hoping to acquire these. Most outlets allowed only one unit per customer. The problem was, there were not enough restocks for all interested buyers.

The hot Christmas toys also proved to be problematic at Target. Over 50 anxious parents waited outside one Target store, only to be told by the store managers at 7:00 a.m. that they only received two of the hot Christmas toys.

Almost all of them had to return home empty-handed from the hot Christmas toys. Others had to resort to paying exorbitant amounts by purchasing from online resellers. On eBay, Hatchimals were ridiculously priced from $178 to $600.

Nintendo NES & Hatchimals: Are They Worth TheTrouble?

CBS revealed that in Toys R Us in Greenville, hundreds lined up for the hot Christmas toys. Others had to begin lining up on Saturday, hoping to avail of the toys the next day.

Some parents shared that they wait in line for hours for their children, family and friends, and that their kids would be disappointed if they failed to deliver. Some stores offered tickets, which allowed people to buy the hot Christmas toys. Others decided to sell their tickets at high prices.

Some parents advised others not to be too worried about the hot Christmas toys of 2016. Even those who were fortunate enough to buy a Nintendo NES or Hatchimal commented that their kids immediately got tired of playing.

Resellers are taking advantage of the hype, so parents should guide their children accordingly to avoid overspending. In the same way that the Tickle-Me Elmo was the hot Christmas toy of 2015, the Nintendo NES and Hatchimals will also expectedly lose their popularity by January 2017.

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