'The Last Guardian' Latest News & Updates: Is the Title More Worth It to Play on the PlayStation 4 Pro? Details Revealed

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 07, 2016 01:47 PM EST

"The Last Guardian" was released recently and it was one of the most anticipated games by Team Ico. The game has taken nine years to be developed and it was first revealed as a PlayStation 3 title back in 2007. There have been reports that the title works better in the latest console of Sony, PlayStation 4 Pro.

Based on reports, "The Last Guardian" features a huge beast named Trico and it accompanies the main character of the game. Trico is a well-designed creature and how the creature was made can often be compared to a character that was made by Pixar. Overall, it is a visually gorgeous game, but there are times when players experience a problem in terms of its performance.

According to reports, Digital Foundry has posted a video recently which highlights the performance of "The Last Guardian" in the PlayStation 4 and the newly launched PlayStation 4 Pro. In terms of performance, the distinction between the two consoles may be minor, but it shows that the fps changes when it is set at a resolution of 1080p and 4K.

In order to run "The Last Guardian" with 30 fps in a 1080p setting, players can opt to purchase a PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the fps drops at the mid-20s when the resolution is set at 4K for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 hardware can sometimes go to a frame rate that can go lower than 25. Some gamers even experienced the title to go lower than 10 fps in the original PlayStation 4, and the only solution to the issue was to restart the console.

Getting a PlayStation 4 Pro may be one of the choices that players must make in order to fully experience "The Last Guardian." Despite the technical problems that gamers can experience, the title is still beautifully made. The game was released during Dec. 6 and it is exclusively available for the PlayStation 4 platform.

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