‘Pokemon GO’ Release Date, News & Update: What You Don’t Want To Miss At Starbucks Before Dec. 8 [Today] Ends? More Spawns Coming

By Mia P. , Updated Dec 08, 2016 05:55 PM EST

"Pokemon GO" gaming community was recently shaken when news came that an alleged Starbucks employee revealed a memo making Starbucks a Poke Stop soon. In light of this rumors, a Reddit user has also posted an image of the Starbucks promotional page which was reportedly released to the employees. Aside from turning the cafes into possible Pokestops, Niantic may also opt to unleash more Pokemon exclusive to Starbucks customers.

In light of the promotions page, apparently Starbucks is allegedly set to become a Poke Stop on Dec. 8. Furthermore, those who opt to play the app over at the cafe may get to order a special drink. The promotion also allegedly notes that "Pokemon GO"is slated to expand with new Pokemon along with a new Starbucks drink, Heavy reported.

Previously, the alleged Starbucks employee insisted that he had proof to back-up his claims of the "Pokemon GO" rumors. However, typographical errors such as "Pokeman" has lead the public to believe that the so-called internal memo was merely Photoshopped. However, note that the Redditor claimed that the event would launch on Dec. 7 while the latest rumors mark another date, Dec. 8. However, fans argue that the first memo was talking about "Pokemon GO version two" which may mean the second-gen Pokemon and legendaries like Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos.

In other news, "Pokemon GO" is reportedly being prepped for the holiday season with a new Christmas event. In the meantime, Niantic has launched a Halloween event and a Thanksgiving event this year. Apparently, the next "Pokemon GO" event may see extensively more Pokemon spawn, according to report.

"Pokemon GO" Staryu, Dewgong, Snorlax, Starme, Clefable, Clefairy and a host of other Pokemon are expected to increase more during the event. The Pokemon event is also said to be gifted with the first Legendary Pokemon released in the wild. Niantic is also believed to reduce the number of steps for hatching eggs and getting Buddy bonuses. Watch news about the Starbucks event here:


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