‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 70 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Baseball Game Used As Cover For Food Tasting Mission! Plot Details!

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Dec 07, 2016 06:48 AM EST

The upcoming 'Dragon Ball Super" Episode 70 will be the last filler episode before the new arc gets down to more serious business with the arrival of the main villain the hitman hit in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71. But as far as filler episodes go, both the recently released episode 69 and upcoming episode 70 are guaranteed to be just as entertaining.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 69 Recap - Arale Causes Chaos

It must have bugged "Dr Slump" fans how the sweet robot Arale could create havoc as previously hinted by numerous "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 69 spoilers. The recently released episode finally revealed that it was only because Dr. Mashirito, who is already a ghost, drugged Arale and the Gatchans with Playtime-X causing them to be a hundred times more playful than usual. However, it looks like the cute and lovable but insanely strong and destructive "Dr. Slump" characters might not be back in the coming "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 70.

As Arale was looking for someone to play with, Vegeta, rose to the challenge. But as previously predicted by GamenGuide, Vegeta was no much for the girl robot. It then fell on Goku to play with Arale, with Goku successfully countering Arale's attack with his own Kamekameha Thankfully, the quick thinking Bulma utilized Senbei Norimaki's invention called reality machine #2 to create the most delicious food in the universe which succeeded in attracting Beerus. Beerus then vanished the ghost Dr Mashirito and was about to obliterate Arale but had to leave due to his upset stomach. The god is also predicted to be featured in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 70 as well.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 70 Spoilers - Baseball Match Between Universe 6 and 7

Yamcha and Beerus is expected to be featured next according to "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 70 spoilers. They will arrange for a baseball match between Universe 7 and 6, reports DB-Z.com. While it will be packaged as a friendly match, it will be eventually revealed that the real purpose is to embark on a gastronomical adventure. Yamcha as well as Beerus are on earth with the real aim of sampling the most delicious cuisine the planet could offer.

In the "Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 preview, it can be seen that Universe 7's main pitcher will be Goku with Beerus as the head coach while Vados seems to be the umpire. The interesting is, it is rumored that neither team is particularly well-verse on the rules of the game.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 70 air date is scheduled this coming Sunday, December 11, 2016. Be sure to follow GamenGuide for the latest updates on this hit anime series.


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