'Final Fantasy 15' Guide: How to Make Limit Break Spells Freeze, Flare, and Electon

By Ara , Updated Dec 07, 2016 09:23 AM EST

There are so many powerful spells in the game, "Final Fantasy 15", that players can use to help them in their battles in the game. Some spells are so strong it can even exceed the damage limit an attack can only do. And these spells are called Limit Break Spells, Flare, Electon, and Freeze which is what this guide is all about. From techniques, ingredients and tips, its all covered in this article.

How to Access the Limit Break Spells?

In the game "Final Fantasy 15," players need to complete the mission to eliminate Zu. This opponent is a level 67 and approximately has 60 percent drop rate for a rare game item Zu Beak, which is an ingredient to make spells. To find him, players just need to find him at Ravatogh dungeon at the top of the rock.

Now getting there can be a little challenging but there is a shortcut. Just head to Verinas Mart in Ravatogh and leave the vehicle there. Then summon a Chocobo to help the player go up the mountain. Once at the top, go to Zu and start the battle.

Ingredients Needed to Make the Limit Break Spells

There are different items needed to make different spells in "Final Fantasy 15" but for the Limit Break Spells, players will only need 5 ingredients ready and that is the Wind-up Lord Vexxos, Rotten Splinterbone, Adamantite, Dragon Claw and Rotten Splinterbone.

How to Make Limit Break Spells in "Final Fantasy 15"?

To make an Electon Spell, players just need to mix the lightning element with a Zu Beak or any item indicated above while a Freeze Spell requires the ice element and the same mix to create it. The same goes for Flare Spell that only needs a fire element and any of the ingredients mentioned to make in "Final Fantasy 15." 

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