‘The Last Guardian’ Reviews, Latest News & Update: Here’s What You Need To Know Before Buying The Game

By Mara Rev , Updated Dec 07, 2016 01:50 PM EST

Players have been waiting for the game "The Last Guardian" to be available in the market. After about a decade of being in development, the game has finally been released for PlayStation 4. If you are thinking about getting the game, here are a few things that you need to know.

Graphics on Older PS4 Models

According to a tech and game analysis from Digital Foundry, there are graphical shortcomings of "The Last Guardian" game when played on older PS4 models. A video uploaded on their website comparing the game to a launch model PlayStation 4 and the high-powered PS4 Pro, Digital Foundry noted that the artistic scenery and graphics is good but the performance is not. The video illustrates that in the original PS4, the game's frame rate hangs around the low-20s.

In Development Since 2007

Take note that the game "The Last Guardian" has been in development since 2007 and that it was originally set to be released for PS3 exclusive. In E3 2015, a brand new trailer for the game appeared and it was reintroduced as a game exclusive for PS4.

Third-Person Platforming and Puzzle Solving

Most of the gameplay of "The Last Guardian" involves a third-person perspective wherein players can move a young boy around different environments. He can run into armed guards, which you need to avoid and figure out how to defeat before you can move on to the fame. It also involves a relationship between a young boy and a mysterious creature known as Trico that he rescued. The creature also helps him in the missions. The young boy can even climb up Trico to get a vantage point and can even ride on him when they do some traveling.

Standard Edition and the Collector's Edition

You can either get the standard edition of "The Last Guardian" or the collector's edition. If you choose the collector's edition, you will have bonus goodies along with it which includes a special Collector's Box, a premium SteelBook case, a physical copy of "The Last Guardian," a statue of the young boy and Trico, a 72-page art book, the digital soundtrack, and a sticker sheet.

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