Leah Remini Revealing Church of Scientology Secrets Despite the Lawsuits, Jennifer Lopez Supportive of her Decision

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 07, 2016 08:26 AM EST

The former "King of Queens" star Leah Remini is constantly in dispute with the Church of Scientology. Her new A&E series "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" is another step in her mission to expose the religious secrets and dangers of the church. She also claimed that Tom Cruise asked her to use her influence and get a "60 Minute" report squashed. Remini is disclosing one after another secret of the church which might result in several Lawsuits. But she is not bothered by them.

The Leaders of Scientology have tried their best to stop Leah Remini 's show from the day one which prompted her to demand $1.5 million in damage. Moreover, due to her step Remini has to endure public shaming. In an interview with Hollywood reporters, Remini claimed that Kirstie Alley even called her a "bigot". The church objected to Her A&E 8-part series and tried to stop it with aggressive push back. Remini also accused the church leaders of trying to manipulate her.

Leah Remini spent 30 years with the church before getting out of it. She said that her show will shed some light on the truth of Church of Scientology. She claimed that the church separates people from their families. The premiere episode of the show focused on Amy Scobee who was with the church's "Celebrity Center". After leaving the Church of Scientology Scobee reunited with her mother Bonny Elliott, noted Independent Journal Review.

Leah Remini also accused the church of brainwashing her. According to her, she started to question the church and disagreed with it when it asked members to avoid talking to people whom it deemed as the enemy. Initially when Remini failed to convince CBS producer Les Moonves to feature Scientology events in "60 Minutes the church was not happy with her.

However, Leah Remini has left it and does not bother about it. She now claims that she welcomes any lawsuit against her and her main objective is to bring out the truth to help others. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez supported her decision to leave the organization. Nonetheless, the Church of Scientology is accusing that Leah Remini is doing all these only for money.

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