'Akiba's Beat' Latest News: Game Will Be Released This Month In Japan & 2017 In The West For The PS4 & PS Vita Consoles

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 07, 2016 05:03 PM EST

Acquire games and XSEED games created another classic action-RPG game that involves the familiar places in Akihabara, Japan, which is "Akiba's Beat." This game features a lot of elements from the action-role-playing games that makes you fight and defeat enemies in order to be stronger.

This also includes boss battles and the freedom to explore the places in Akihabara, Tokyo, considering that you have unlocked that certain place. Other than this, the characters of the said game are unique in its own way with voice actors giving it life. The release date will be on December 15 in Japan and somewhere in the early months of 2017 for the West.

Explore Akihabara and discover its wonderful elements

Akihabara is accurately depicted in "Akiba's Beat" because of the ambiance of the bustling crowd, chit chats of nearby person, and the whole buildings that feature the culture of anime. Now, your job is to save people from the techno-looking monsters that reside everywhere including phones, people, or even a structure itself.

This game has potential and it is an amazing game on par with "Akiba's Trip," the same genre game where you have to strip vampires if you discover them to kill them and stop their evil deeds. "Akiba's Beat" is another story and interface because you have companions that fight alongside with you.

The release date and what console compatibility

According to the post in Gematsu, "Akiba's Beat" will be released in early 2017 on the same console used just like in Japan, which are the PS4 and PS Vita. Since this game uses the latest consoles from Sony, the graphics and effects are of high quality including the overall interface.

In addition, the opening song is sung by the famous duo, ClariS, which also sang the same intro for "Akiba's Trip 2." Players are waiting to try the game and see what it looks like in full swing. Until then, they have to wait for 2017 to arrive along with new games that will welcome the year.

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