Huawei Honor Latest News & Updates: New Smartphone Design For Honor To Be Revealed December 7; Details Here

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 07, 2016 09:44 AM EST

Huawei Honor was getting ready to announce a new smartphone on Dec. 7, 2016, but the date was apparently postponed on December 16. There are speculations that it may be a kind of concept phone with a modular system.

Huawei Honor Updates: A New Modular Concept Smartphone

GizmoChina reported that the upcoming Huawei Honor smartphone will not arrive with regular smartphone components. Huawei Honor may feature several smartphone components via additional parts and accessories for the handset.

There are also rumors that the Huawei Honor may showcase a curved Samsung display and new fast-charging technology developed by Huawei. The battery upgrade will allegedly boost battery life by 50 percent after only five minutes of charging. Functionality will be customized through the said attachments, including the speaker and camera, which will not be part of the base device.

Plans for the new Huawei Honor device is still unclear, although the brand has previously made a reputation by providing smartphones with decent features at affordable prices. Modular phones have been quite expensive, but the new Huawei Honor may finally introduce a set that people can actually afford.

Huawei Honor Magic?

India Today stated that Huawei Honor recently teased the arrival of the new handset. The teaser image showed a black device curved on all four sides and minimal bezel. It also seems to have a very high screen-to-body ratio. Since the company previously announced their new graphene-assisted batteries, the new Huawei Honor may showcase the new battery.

The Huawei Honor phone will come without capacitive keys, aperture or camera sensors, although there will be peripherals to compensate. Huawei Honor refers to the new product as "Magic," although it has yet to be confirmed whether the official phone will be named as such. New information from India Today suggested that the new phone will have a 5.5-inch screen with a thin bezel.

The inclusions and attachments in the base device of the upcoming Huawei Honor are still unknown. The big drawback among modular phones is the price, so Huawei is expected to give more details on December 16. More updates and details on the new Huawei Honor are expected soon.

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