"CrackDown 3" Release Date, News & Update: Game Launch Postponed By XBOX, Here is Why

By Intan , Updated Dec 08, 2016 04:25 AM EST

During this year's E3, Microsoft announced that "Crackdown 3" would have been postponed until 2017. Now people know that the launch of the game will have to wait for the end of the year, due to what happen near Christmas.

The Art director, Dave Johnson and executive producer Peter Connelly were in the Extra Life livestream in a talk about "Crackdown 3," saying it would arrive around the next year's festive period or before. The duo explained that the game will run in a 4K resolution on Microsoft's next console, the Xbox Scorpio, which is also scheduled for Christmas 2017.

The Microsoft Studios have decided to postpone non-compromise viewing for "Crackdown 3," which will use Microsoft servers in the cloud ("Azure"). This is to facilitate procedural destruction at a scale beyond the capabilities of individual consoles. At launch, the Xbox One and PC game will be part of Xbox Play Anywhere, which gives buyers access to two copies, one for each platform, for the price of just one purchase.

"Crackdown 3" promises to revolutionize the gaming experience in the open world. For the first trailers and interviews it is possible to notice that fast movement, jumping from buildings in buildings and making crazy destructions will be the focus of the game. Another promise is to bring the promised Xbox One cloud-processing technology that would make the world of Crackdown 100 percent destructible.

The delay of "Crackdown 3" during E3 of 2016 was scheduled to leave this year actually makes the Xbox gamers a bit disappointed. So far, they did not know if it would be at the beginning of the year, but now they can say that it will be a title for the "festive period of 2017." At least, players still get other interesting information that executive producer Dave Johnson announced. Johnson saidthat the game will natively run on 4K on the Xbox Scorpio, which has become hot rumors this month.

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