Top 10 'Final Fantasy XV' News Gameplay,Cheats, Tips & Tricks, Updates: Make The Game Easier, Have Longer Life!

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 09, 2016 09:05 PM EST

"Fanal Fantasy XV" is an famous game, players always aim to win but it is not that easy. So,for avid players of "Final Fantasy XV", since this game is hard to finish, here are some top 10 quick tips to make the game easier:

Acquire extra XP and Get an XP boost

Acquire extra XP by completing quests and defeating beasts. Get a good night sleep to get a boost to the accumulated XP (which will be applied the next day). When the night arrives, players can check into the Lestallum Hotel which will give a 1.5 XP boost to the banked XP for only 500 Gil.
Players can also check into Galdin Quay Hotel which will give 2.0 XP boost to the banked XP. However, an overnight stay will cost 10,000 Gil (players can also skip Galdin and go straight to Lestallum to save thousands of banked XP)

Refresh Stamina bar for infinite sprinting

To refresh "Stamina" bar for infinite sprinting, unlock "Infinite Stamina" by letting go of the sprint button until the Stamina bar becomes depleted. Hold the button for a split second afterward. The Stamina bar will be refreshed for infinite running and sprinting.To extend the Stamina bar by jumping while sprinting, display the Stamina bar in the options menu to monitor how much stamina is left.

Spend "Ability Points" in Ascension

Spend "Ability Points" in Ascension to boost stats and abilities of the characters. To do so, acquire the "Regroup Ability" of Ignis. This ability can heal a whole party and will serve as a lifesaver in various situations.After acquiring the "Regroup Ability", aim for nodes with AP-gaining abilities

Sell items to earn money

Store items in the Treasures category of the inventory by traveling as much as possible to discover and store items to sell. Selling collected items to keep the money coming. Plus, buying stronger weapons using the money earned. Note: Do not sell "Healing Items".

Switch between "Wait" and "Active" combat

"Wait combat" is similar to the turn-based play of older "Final Fantasy" games where time stops until the player moves. This gives the player a free will to execute singular strategies."Active Combat", on the other hand, plays real time where Noctis swings his sword as the player hits a button. Point the controller to the desired direction to move Noctis.

Click all the fork and knife icons on the minimap and Use "Fast Travel"

The fork and knife icons on the minimap symbolize diners. Diners are the best sources of income in "Final Fantasy XV".To do so, visit each diner and talk to the owner by selecting the "Talk" option.Explore "Final Fantasy XV"  by driving. Use "Fast Travel" to make the game easier. To do so, go to the "Auto" destination menu and unlock all the items with a white fast-forward icon beside it

Make use of the "Return to Rest Point/Car" options and Unlock nodes carefully

The "Return to Rest Point/Car" option warps the player quickly to the last rest point or car used.To make "Final Fantasy XV" easier, unlock 1-2 "Health Level" nodes. This can be found under the Statistics tree. Get the first "Accessory Slot" nodes as well.

Use "Chocobo"

Use a "Chocobo" to experience a stomping pace of walking and a quick but fixed-route transport."Final Fantasy XV" players can gain access to use "Chocobos" in Chapter 3."Final Fantasy XV" is a sci-fi fantasy media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed by Square Enix.

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