'Final Fantasy 15' Guide: How to Get Legendary Weapon Dragoon Lance Spear

By Allan , Updated Dec 07, 2016 05:54 PM EST

In "Final Fantasy 15", there are many hidden mythical weapons all throughout the game that players must dig deep to find. Just like its legendary weapons that can only be accessed when the player has completed the game's main story. One of the weapon is the powerful Dragoon Lance that can only be acquired when the player has completed a special mission. So this article will serve as a guide to find the secret mission and claim the legendary weapon.

Where to Find "Dreadful Legend" Mission in "Final Fantasy 15"?

As mentioned earlier, players will need to complete the game before they can even find the NPC that activates the mission. Once the player has finished the game, just head to Lestallum in the northwest side of the map and find the NPC named Randolph. He will offer a number of quests, each rewarding a legendary Pokemon. The first one is the "Iron Juke" and only after this quest can players activate the quest for legendary weapon Dragoon Lance.

How to Defeat Malbodoom from "A Dreadful Legend" Quest?

As the players activate the mission to claim legendary weapon, Dragoon Lance, they will be tasked to defeat a familiar enemy, a level 65 Malbodoom. Now this opponent isn't too hard to defeat as long as the players know its weakness which are Blizzards. Don't attack it with fire as he is resistant to that and make use of attacks from behind to give a full damage. Players can just run around it to prevent a direct hit and at the same time be able to do rear attacks.

Upon the defeat of Malbodoom, players will receive a Malboro Tentacle. Take it back to Randolph to receive not just the Dragoon Lance but also 10,000 CP.

More Legendary Weapon to Find in "Final Fantasy 15"

There are tmore legendary weapon that players can acquire from Randolph. After receiving the powerful spear, Dragoon Lance, the player's next quest is legendary weapon Ziedrich 

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