'Final Fantasy 15' Guide: How to Get Legendary Weapon Ziedrich Shield

By Allan , Updated Dec 07, 2016 05:55 PM EST

After completing the main story of "Final Fantasy 15", there are many special quests and activities that players can still do in the game. One of it is finding the legendary weapons that the legendary blacksmith, Randolph, offers. One of the legendary weapon he offers is the Ziedrich Shield which can only be obtained by completing the quest "A Legend Wrapped in an Enigma"

How to Start the "A Legend Wrapped in an Enigma" Quest?

In order to receive this quest, players should have already completed the first two quest Randolph offers. The first one is to receive the weapon, Iron Juke, through the quest "A Legend is Born" and the second one is the mythical weapon Dragoon Lance from the mission "Dreadful Legend". When both task is completed, head back to him to start the third mission and claim the Ziedrich Shield upon completion.

How to Defeat Sir Tonberry to Get Ziedrich Shield?

Once the quest has started, players will find their next enemy, Sir Tonberry, in Fallgrove parking spot. Now this task is going to be much harder than the first two as players will need to defeat the big boss twice. Fortunately, he is easy to kill as long as the player knows his weakness.

To defeat Sir Tonberry players must wear the ring and dodge attacks by using Holy. Hit him whenever possible but not forgetting to dodge his attacks. Continue doing this until he is defeated, twice, and players will receive the Chef's Knife. Take this back to Randolph to receive not just the legendary weapon, Ziedrich Shield, but also 12,000 XP.

More Legendary Weapon Offered by Randolph

As soon as the player has completed this quest, there are more legendary weapons to acquire in the game. The next one that Randolph will offer is a quest to claim the mythical weapon Soul Saber.

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