'Final Fantasy 15' Guide: How to Get Legendary Weapon Iron Juke 2 Handed Sword

By Allan , Updated Dec 07, 2016 05:54 PM EST

In "Final Fantasy 15", there are many powerful and legendary weapons that players can acquire. These weapons are considered to be the strongest weapon in the game and can only be used after the player finishes a special quest. For the legendary weapon, Iron Juke, players need to go through the "A Legend is Born" mission which is what this guide is all about.

How to Start the "A Legend is Born" Quest?

In order to start the mission, players must finish all 15 chapters of the game. When that is done, they must head to Lestallum which is the town on the northwest side, close to Vesperpool. Now the player will see a new NPC, Randolph, who will offer a series of new quest for the player. Each quest rewards a legendary weapon and the first one is Iron Juke.

How to Complete the Special "Final Fantasy 15" Mission?

In this special mission in "Final Fantasy 15", players will have to defeat a strong bird named Bennu. He is a level 55 monster so players need to be of the same level or higher to defeat him. This is not the first time players have seen Bennu in the game but it will be the only time the player can battle with it. Its primary weakness are Thunder spells so its good to have a lot of it ready before the fight starts. Defeat Bennu and the player will receive a Jet-Black Beak.

Upon receiving the Beak, head back to Randolph to claim the legendary weapon, Iron Juke 2 handed sword plus 8,000 XP.

Other Legendary Weapons in the Game

There are other legendary weapons in the game that can be claimed as soon as players finish this task. All they need to do is to talk to Randolph again and activate the next quest "Dreadful Legend" to claim Dragoon Lance legendary weapon.

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