Battlefield 4 News: Multiplayer Update for Xbox Live Out Now

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Oct 31, 2013 01:48 PM EDT

EA DICE has released the first official update for the newly released Battlefield 4 that deals with issues related to the game’s multiplayer offering. The first update is meant for all those who will be pursuing the game via Xbox Live.

Tagged as “Multiplayer Update 1,″ the company stated over at the Xbox Marketplace: “This Battlefield 4 update contains improvements to the multiplayer portions of the game. We strongly advise you download it,” and is 119.21MB in size.

While it is still not clear as to what the new 119.21 MB patch will add or offer that will enhance the multiplayer experience, the developer still recommends fans strongly to download it.

As of now, the multiplayer offering for Battlefield 4 supports 64 players and seven unique game modes across 10 vast maps, with the introduction of the brand new Levolution feature that “enables a dynamic battlefield where no two games will ever be the same.”

“Levolution is much bigger and broader than simply destroying something. It’s a wide-ranging concept, a collection of ideas and experiences that make Battlefield truly great,” DICE earlier wrote regarding the feature.

“Bringing Levolution to multiplayer has been key for us. Personally, I think it’s fantastic how our fans have spent more than one billion hours in Battlefield 3. We’re hoping to top that with Battlefield 4 multiplayer. We especially hope that you’ll find something to enjoy every time you play, whether it’s a small change or a large change you make to a map.”

The multiplayer also focuses on improved naval warfare that lets players pilot anything from compact Personal Water Crafts to massive Attack Boats, with storms and dynamic waves making the experience even more realistic.

Also, there’s the much talked about Commander Mode that will give players a top-down perspective of the battlefield, and also helping in a number of strategic descisions. The Commander will now be able to deliver critical intelligence, manage support activity, and deploy powerful war assets.

Additionally, it has been reported via Videogamer that the first DLC for Battlefield 4, titled China Rising will be releasing on Dec. 3. It was stated that the release date for the DLC was “mentioned in the Premium content calendar located in the game's menu.”

Battlefield 4, already released for PS3, PC and Xbox 360, is scheduled to arrive for PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15 and 29 in North America and Europe, respectively, and will also be available for Xbox One on Nov. 22.

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