‘The Last Guardian’ Gameplay, Latest News & Update: Trico Is Difficult To Control? Guide To Understand, Command & Take Care Of Trico Released

By LJ Joseph , Updated Dec 07, 2016 07:24 PM EST

Trico, player's companion in "The Last Guardian," is difficult to control and understand. To address this, a guide to command, understand and take care of Trico has been released.

Trico is a half-bird and half-mammal that accompanies "The Last Guardian" players. It does not talk and only uses body language to convey information. According to Primagames, players have reported that Trico is difficult to understand most of the time.

"The Last Guardian" Update: How To Interpret Trico Sounds

Trico creates several sounds in "The Last Guardian." Players should know the meaning of each sound to understand Trico more and make the game better. When the player is away, Trico whines. This means Trico asks for attention and the players should be near it. When Trico howls or mumbles, it is telling the players to immediately jump on its back. This allows Trico to take the players to their destination.

"The Last Guardian" Update: Trico Eye Color Revealed

In "The Last Guardian," Trico appears to have three eye colors that indicate specific states. Dark green eyes indicate that Trico is its normal and affectionate state. This also means that the players can relax. White or yellow eyes indicate that Trico is preoccupied or fascinated by something else. Pink eyes warn players that Trico is at a hostile state and the players should start worrying. Pink eyes occur when threatened or provoked by "The Last Guardian" enemies.

"The Last Guardian" Update: Command Buttons For Trico Revealed

According to IGN, use R1 button to call out Trico in "The Last Guardian." However, it is up to Trico if it responds to the call. To scold or make Trico sit, press R1 + X buttons. To praise Trico, press R1 + O buttons. To ask it to stomp, press R1 + Triangle. To ask it to swipe, press R1 + Square. R1 + directional keys must also be pressed to lead Trico to go in the specific direction.

"The Last Guardian" players have reported that Trico does not follow commands at times. This happens when there is no enough space to execute the command.

"The Last Guardian" Update: How To Make Trico Happy

"The Last Guardian" developers and reviewers have revealed tricks to make Trico happy. Players can also call Trico's attention whenever he refuses to respond to calls. According to PSU, players should often give barrels to Trico by throwing it right at it or holding it in front of it. This would allow players to make Trico happy and able to get its attention.

Trico might be difficult to control and understand. However, players should constantly check Trico's health. After each traumatic event, players should pull out the spears at its back for Trico to begin healing. Jump on its back and hold O to stroke Trico and make it calm down. More tricks will be discovered as players spend time with Trico in "The Last Guardian."

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