‘Final Fantasy XV’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Dominate the Game with These Top 5 Weapons! More Gameplay Guide Revealed

By Christian M. , Updated Dec 08, 2016 07:21 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" definitely does not have a shortage of weapons that players could enjoy. With these weapons come different effects, which be helpful in different combat scenarios. While all weapons are balanced, they have different effects. Here are the top five weapons "Final Fantasy XV" could choose.

High Attack - Blade of the Mystic

"Final Fantasy XV" players get 150 additional HP when equipped with this weapon, in addition to its 396 damage points. It also adds 30 Vitality and 20 percent more Dark Resistance. Players could easily dominate the battlefield using this weapon, especially against dark type opponents.

More Range Power - Bow of the Clever

This weapon would give "Final Fantasy XV" players 203 damage points, with included 50 percent Magic and 50 percent Shot Resistance. Players could easily take advantage of this long range weapon, targeting the slow melee types. This is also a very strategic weapon to use in the game.

Defense - Mace of the Fierce

While geared for defensive usage, this weapon still packs 334 damage points. "Final Fantasy XV" players would also get an additional 300 HP, coupled with 50 percent Shot Resistance. This is a very beneficial weapon against the long range attacks.

Destructive Attacks - Hyper Magnum

This weapon could be used by all "Final Fantasy XV" characters. However, players must be at least level 55 in order for the weapon to be available for usage. This then packs 388 damage points, along with an additional 21 Spirit to the packing character.

Great Upgrade Damage - Force Stealer

While the 210 damage points of this weapon might seem a bit small, upgrading it to Attack II will give it a huge force amassing to a whopping 463 damage points. This could then be obtained by "Final Fantasy XV" players from Tony the Carrot Guy who sells it in exchange of carrots. Considering its accessibility, every player must get this weapon, given the high upgraded damage coupled with 202 HP and 6 MP.

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