Grand Theft Auto Online News: Title Update 1.05 Live, Stimulus Package Inbound

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Nov 05, 2013 07:27 PM EST

Rockstar has posted a new update to its newswire, so finish up whatever you're doing then go log in to virtual Los Santos, becuase the latest Title Update for Grand Theft Auto Online is now live on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And you know what that means - that cool half-a-million dollar Stimulus Package is fast approaching.

"This update addresses some residual issues where occasionally people's vehicles or vehicle modifications were disappearing due to a cloud save failure - as well as the other fixes," reads the new post. According to it, Title Update 1.05 fixes the following issues:

- Built in measures to prevent users from losing their progress when there is a cloud outage
- Built in a number of measures to protect players' cash balances even if there are network problems
- Fixed an issue where on rare occasions during network problems the player could lose their Online vehicle or mods after exiting GTA Online

Now that the update is out and about, the Stimulus package is set to arrive in the next few days. Rockstar "anticipate[s] the GTA$ Stimulus to be distributed in the next couple of days following this Title Update. The Stimulus will go out over the course of a full day once it's initiated so don't be alarmed if people on your friends list receive it before or later than you do. Enjoy and we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding as we sort out these remaining issues."

Title Update 1.04 was supposed to clear the way for the Stimulus Package, and gamers were on schedule to get that much richer. But Rockstar was a bit lax on providing an actual date when gamers could expect their online accounts to bulge. Rockstar formally issued a delay on the Package in mid-October, writing, "We hope to have an update for you on that very soon. As others have mentioned here, we of course want to make sure player progress loss issues are addressed before providing everyone with their GTA$500K. Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned."

Since GTA Online went live (once they managed to get past the overcrowded servers), players have been reporting losing their cash, ranks, progress, and even properties like garages and apartments. The Stimulus Package was meant as an apology of sorts for these associated issues.

We'll keep you posted if Rockstar narrows down the date when gamers can expect the Package.

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