'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Guide: How to Catch Vanillite, Evolve Vanillish and Finally Vanilluxe

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 08, 2016 11:16 AM EST

Everybody loves ice cream and Nintendo seems to agree because they have featured an Ice Cream-looking creature in their game. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is the latest game from the company's "Pokemon" Franchise. The games are released for their Nintendo 3DS portable platform. This guide aims to help players catch a Vanillite, evolve it to Vanillish, then finally into Vanilluxe.

How to find and catch a Vanillite and Vanillish

The creature is not that difficult to locate in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", but the player needs to have access to the Ula'ula island. iTech Post says once players are there, head over to Tapu Village and start hunting. Players will encounter different creatures depending on their version of the game. For "Pokemon Sun," they will encounter an Alolan Vulpix, while in "Pokemon Moon" players encounter an Alolan Sandshrew. The player must cast hail or wait for the enemy to use hail. Once the hail starts to fall, players should attack until the creature has low enough HP. Once his happens it is recommended to use an adrenaline orb to encourage the pokemon to call for help. The chances of a Vanillite or Vanillish appearing is random so keep on repeating the steps until one is encountered

How to catch a Vanillite and Vanillish

Players should first follow the steps on how to encounter the creature in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". They usually appear as an SOS encounter during a battle against an Alolan Vulpix or Alolan Sandshrew, which depends on the version of the game. Their capture requires the player to bring their health down to small portion close to fainting. Once their health is almost depleted players can use an Ultra ball to capture the elusive pokemon.

How to evolve to Vanilluxe

This appears to be the easiest part of the quest for the ice-type monster in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Players should just get their Vanillish up to level 47 and ensure that the happiness level is maxed out, then their pet should evolve into the elusive Vanilluxe.

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