'The Last Of Us 2' Spoilers, Updates: Has Joel Been Dead Since 'The Last Of Us' Part 1?

By Maris L , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:56 AM EST

Gamers are excited about how the storyline will go in "The Last Of Us 2." Post-apocalyptic stories are more eerie when if in case, experienced in real life. No secured homes, daily hiding from enemies who scavenge everything for survival, and even forcing yourself to kill a flesh-eating creature as a result of a disease. 

People can't really imagine themselves in those kinds of images. But for gamers, it's their paradise; their kind of church (if referring to post-apocalyptic genres of games will be their religion), and their thing actually. That kind of setting in the storyline of the game adds more drama and thrill to the gaming experience, especially if it will be played in the first person point of view (POV). That's the thing in "The Last of Us" franchise.

Yes, gamers are now excited as Sony has finally lit up the green light for its development, just days ago accordingly. And with this, fans of the game are becoming more and more excited. Featured at Geek Exchange are just some of the fans' posts at social media. They are even getting a bit anxious as to how the story will come out in "The Last of Us 2".

Meanwhile, a swarm of theories have been piling up even in some particular platforms of social media, just like Twitter. And, Cinema Blend has featured some of the tweets which may really bear realistic and valid presumptions, as to what will happen in the next chronicles of the two heroes of the game, Joel and Ellie.

One of those is a theory, that Joel might have been dead, and just guided Ellie while crossing the post-apocalyptic world of United States. Creepy isn't it - realizing that it has been you alone, along with your journey, and Joel was just a pigment of Ellie's imagination, or a soul. Intense scenes and possible, more heartbreaking twists await those patrons of "The Last of Us 2".

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